Want To Watch Briere & Giroux Make Eisbaeren Berlin Debut? … Dann Folge Mir


So, your boss is going to be in a meeting all afternoon on Friday and you are quite up to speed with of all your assignments at this point in time. To be more succinct, kicking the proverbial dog and watching locked-out Philadelphia Flyers stars DANNY BRIERE and CLAUDE GIROUX make their Deutsche Eishockey Liga debut for EISBAEREN BERLIN live via streaming link on your company’s office computer is entirely within the realm of possibility. But, back in school, you always took Spanish because it was ‘easy’ and so, now, you’re screwed because you can’t read German …



Luckily, though, this blog made the decision to follow the unique Eisbaeren Berlin earlier this summer and has been providing match reports for the capital city club starting with the European Trophy clash with Austrian side HC Red Bull Salzburg in late August.

And so, you can consider yourself formally saved.

The official website of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga provides a free streaming link to a featured ‘Match of the Day’ for every round in the German top flight. As previously noted at this blog, the Eisbaeren Berlin vs Koelner Haie tilt was selected as the October 12 contest some time ago, long before the two NHL stars signed to play in Deutschland with the two-time defending champions. Sometimes, the streaming link found at the D.E.L. website is a broadcast from SERVUS-TV and, other times, the match being shown at the D.E.L. website is a broadcast by LAOLA1.TV.

The Eisbaeren Berlin – Koelner Haie contest on Friday, October 12, is being shown at the D.E.L. website by LAOLA1.TV and, so, that is the most important thing to remember with respect to the German debut of Briere and Giroux.

The LAOLA1.TV broadcast of the Eisbaeren Berlin – Koelner Haie showdown from the O2 World Arena Berlin starts at 7:25 PM local time, which translates for the blog into 1:25 PM EST here in the United States.

(follow the directions below and YOU can see the actual countdown clock of LAOLA1.TV in case you need help determining what time this important contest begins in your time zone)


Important symbol to remember for LAOLA1.TV and access to free streaming link broadcast of D.E.L. ‘Match of the Day’

The official website address of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga is ……………..


When first calling up the D.E.L. page, one will notice the standard banner and a large picture to accompany the lead news story right below that. Just under this main news photo will be a list of all the league’s contests for Friday, October 12. The match schedule appears under the word “Spieltag”.

The Eisbaeren Berlin – Koelner Haie contest is listed first and to the right will be the LAOLA1.TV symbol as displayed here — CLICK ON THAT SYMBOL AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE FREE LIVE STREAMING BROADCAST, ITSELF.

There is also a direct link to the broadcast on the main page of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga website directly to the right of the main news photo. This section is entitled “LIVE VIDEOS” and, again, the Eisbaeren Berlin – Koelner Haie match is the first option displayed. Here, one can also review the future ‘Match of the Day’ schedule in the D.E.L. and will note, for example, that Eisbaeren will next be featured on October 21.


Legendary KOELNER HAIE trainer UWE KRUPP, the long-time National Hockey League defenseman who once scored a triple overtime goal to clinch the coveted Stanley Cup for the Colorado Avalanche back in the day, will lead his charges into the packed O2 World Arena Berlin on Friday placed first in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga this season and ready to face two-time defending champion Eisbaeren Berlin’s new pair of NHL exiles from the Philadelphia Flyers in a very high-profile, early-season contest in the German capital city.

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